Guest Post: Jessica Hord

During the first week of April, I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 AIGA Conference in Pasadena, California. It was three days of workshops, symposia, roundtables with well-known designers, and endless networking opportunities. As a student, it was incredibly valuable to be able to converse with industry professionals about the work they do. The symposia allowed us to gain insight into current business practices throughout the design community. I personally enjoyed the branding symposium and my roundtable with Debbie Millman the most.

Left to right: Natalie Rokosz, Anna Weddle, Leah Callahan, and Jessica Hord

During my roundtable with Debbie Millman, I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions. One of the most insightful things she said was not to rush up the mountain of your career. To enjoy the climb with its ups and downs. She also said if your portfolio isn’t where you want it to be, take the time to make the portfolio you want and to chase the jobs you want.

Jessica Hord with Debbie Millman

This conference, I also had the unique opportunity to attend the AIGA Awards where Alexander Girard, Geoff McFetridge, and Debbie Millman received their AIGA Medals. These medals are awarded to the most exceptional people in the field of design and it was incredibly inspiring and moving to be present during a piece of design history.

Natalie Rokosz and I, both left with a renewed love for design and plenty of design inspiration to finish out our senior year strong. We both recommend attending the next AIGA Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Jessica and Natalie at AIGA Design Conference 2019

Jessica Hord is a graphic designer, Studio 165+ alumna, and Visual Communication senior expected to graduate in Spring 2019.

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