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The Facing Project
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LOCATION: Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY: Nonprofit



Brooke Gabrek

Anna Oakes 


The Facing Project is a nonprofit organization that connects people who are experiencing similar life circumstances by providing tools and a platform to engage with others in a community. The Facing Project recruits local writers, storytellers, and actors to share stories that could empower and educate others who are facing similar experiences. The Facing Project approached Studio 165+ wanting a “What We Do” design that illustrated a description of The Facing Project and a “How We Do It” graphic explaining how a community could start their own model facing project community.


Wanting to broaden a community's understanding of The Facing Project, the design concept was inspired by elements and factors found within communities. The Facing Project needed to explain "What We Do" and "How We Do It" in an easily digestible form. The results included a "What We Do" slider design that was then adapted into an animation for YouTube and a "How We Do It" digital graphic to explain the process of how to start a community facing project.

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