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Muncie Arts and Culture Trail

LOCATION: Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY: Arts and Culture Trail
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Muncie Arts & Culture Trail (MACT) is a project currently in the stages of development to becoming a multi-modal urban trail. The trail is intended to link four cultural districts of the city of Muncie, improve quality of life, enhance recreation and alternative transportation, and encourage economic redevelopment. Ultimately the trail will become a tool to rebrand the existing image of Muncie. MACT approached Studio 165+ seeking an identity that could be translated into signage and other assets that are necessary for the development of the trail.


The design concept for the MACT identity is based on the concept that the city of Muncie is identity as a whole and the white inlay represents the Muncie Arts and Culture Trail which will connect and the city. This white inlay has translated into several different assets for MACT in order to keep the identity cohesive. The trail’s signage utilizes imagery that is necessary for guidance along the trail. An animation to be used on digital platforms has also been created highlighting features along the trail from each of the four cultural districts.

Asset 1.png
MACT Animation

MACT Animation

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