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LOCATION: Sylt, Germany
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ShopStange is a series of three family-run clothing stores located on the island of Sylt, Germany and owned by the Stange family. The shops, Lepoint, Stange, and Revolution, were opened in 1986, 1996, and 2012, respectively. The family holds pride in the personable shopping experience and quality products that they offer to the visitors at any of their three stores. The Stange family approached Studio 165+ seeking an identity for each of the three stores that reflected the values of the family and their businesses.


The identities for Lepoint, Stange, and Revolution were carefully designed to feature the characteristics that represent each of the stores. The Lepoint identity draws on the fact that it was the first store opened by the family, with the “1” incorporated into the “e” in Lepoint. The Stange identity emphasizes the wooden architectural elements and rustic nature of the store, while once again using the bars of the “e” to indicate that it was the second store opened. The identity for Revolution was inspired by the type of clothing sold and references grunge culture while still having a professional appearance.

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