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$2 Tour alt.jpg
$2 Tour of the Village
LOCATION:  Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY:  Nonprofit



Jared Carter

Xander Crawley 


Jake Gesick Aubrey Hayden


Kimberly Holbrook Erin Mawhorter 


James Ong Samantha Robbins


The $2 Tour of the Village is an event featuring local vendors within the Village Promenade. Several businesses founded this annual event that celebrates the Village’s history, variety, and community. Studio 165+ was approached and asked to create an identity to encompass the event and to be used for branding materials such as item tags, shirts, and tote bags.


Asset 1.png


This identity uses a strong custom typeface placed in a perspective grid. The identity is centered on the corner of a structure to allude to the Village being located ‘just around the corner’ to the Ball State campus. The structure lies on a crossroad of unifying the town and campus through a common resource — the Village.

Asset 1.png
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