Westbrier Neighborhood
LOCATION: Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY: Public Sector
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Mariah Drake

Cameo Smith

Kate Hamilton

Ashley Allegretti

Sylvia Marbach

Nikki Abel

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Westbrier Neighborhood is focused on being a friendly, inviting and proud place for people to reside. By following this goal, Westbrier has started to see people of all ages move in and make permanent homes within their neighborhoods. Studio 165+ was approached by Building Better Neighborhoods seeking an identity design for each neighborhood in Muncie to reflect their unique aspects and goals.



The residents of Westbrier are proud of their homes and the inviting nature of their neighborhood. Because of that,  we decided to use inspiration from the single-story ranch homes themselves. The logomark is meant to reflect the quaint and maintained qualities of the neighborhood itself as well as the friendliness of its residents. 

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