Industry Neighborhood
LOCATION:  Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY:  Public Sector



Ashley Allegretti
Hanna Boggs 


Xander Crawley

Kyle Doody


Jaclyn Grutsch

Alyssa Shoults 


Ashlyn Sterling

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Industry Neighborhood is a community built on the foundation of family morals. It is rich in residents who care deeply about the future of the community. Its people are working toward restoring the community’s resources and engaging the community youth. Studio 165+ was approached by Building Better Neighborhoods seeking an identity design for each neighborhood in Muncie to reflect their unique aspects and goals.



This visual identity uses the visual qualities of log cabins, reminiscent of the ones found in Heekin Park, to express the community’s resilience and strength. Lumber is symbolic of the building but can also represent nature and growth. The letters of ‘Industry’ fit together like walls of a structure to represent the efforts of Industry Neighborhood to continue to develop and renovate. The outline of the Primary Lock-Up references the shape of the community’s map.

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