Forest Park
LOCATION: Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY: Public Sector



Erin Mawhorter

Samantha Robbins

Ashlyn Sterling

Katie Strader

Jared Carter

Dominic Zelli

Joel Hall

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Forest Park is a community that values their people and property. The people of Forest Park are currently working toward reestablishing their community connection. Studio 165+ was approached by Building Better Neighborhoods seeking an identity design for each neighborhood in Muncie to reflect their unique aspects and goals.



Forest Park is a community that values their people and property. Rich in nature, they place importance in community engagement and have persevered through hardships. To express this, the identity uses two oak leaves standing like trees to form the negative space of a home with a fireplace. The oak leaves represent Forest Park’s strength and resilience through obstacles they have overcome. The home is warm and inviting, offering safely inside the community to those who enter.

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