Old West End Neighborhood
LOCATION:  Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY:  Public Sector
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Nikki Abel
Ashley Allegretti 


Mariah Drake

Kate Hamilton


Sylvia Marbach

Cameo Smith 


Old West End Neighborhood is a notable residency, located on the west edge of Muncie’s central business district. Its distinct architecture and welcoming occupants hold great significance to the neighborhood, showcasing its growth and culture as a community. Studio 165+ was approached by Building Better Neighborhoods seeking an identity design for each neighborhood in Muncie to reflect their unique aspects and goals.


Old West End is a historic neighborhood located in the heart of Muncie. The homes within this district represent a wide range of architectural styles that date from the mid-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries such as Italianate, Colonial Revival, and Queen Anne. These styles are brought through the identity design, showing the architecture that is central to the neighborhood.

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Judges Choice, Student Best of Show, Student Gold ADDY Award 

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