Whitely Neighborhood
LOCATION: Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY: Public Sector



Valerie Francis

Samantha Robbins

Ashlyn Sterling

Katie Strader

Angel Winchester

Hanna Boggs

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Whitely Community Council is focused on serving and being a voice for the community. Through their goal-committees, they have built up and strengthened their community. Studio 165+ was approached by Building Better Neighborhoods seeking an identity design for each neighborhood in Muncie to reflect their unique aspects and goals.



The Whitely community takes pride in being a goal-oriented community; that being said, we decided to use a simple triangle shape to highlight it’s three most important goals: Beautification & Infrastructure, Safety & Security, and Education & Health. The triangle shape can further be used as building blocks to create the monogram “W”, and icons for various community programs initiated by the Whitely community. 

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