Robinwood Neighborhood
LOCATION: Muncie, Indiana
INDUSTRY: Public Sector
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Valerie Francis

Samantha Robbins

Ashlyn Sterling

Katie Strader

Angel Winchester

Hanna Boggs

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Robinwood Estates is a quiet neighborhood located in the northwest part of Muncie, Indiana. The first buildings were built in 1978 by Raph and Charles Staton. Robinwood’s streets’ names are British influenced. Beautiful yards are highly regarded within the neighborhood, such as the neighborhood selecting a yard of the month. A highlight is the median at the entrance where each treee was bought by a resident and has a plaque in memory of a loved one. A diverse neighborhood where the middle class finds home in.



Robinwood Estates takes great pride in the aesthetic of their neighborhood, especially the new median displayed at the entrance to their neighborhood. This visual concept depicts the landscaping done by the members of the community, along with the soft curves of the curbs. The use of a rounded serif typeface alludes to the stone entrance signage. Pairing this with the rounded san serif typeface, creates a balance between traditional and modern sensibilities that makes Robinwood a desirable place to live.

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